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Fic, BBC Sherlock, Sherlock/John, PG-13

Title: In the altogether
Author: cedarrapidsgirl
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson BBC!Sherlock
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is fiction. I don't own any of it, etc etc.
Warnings/Spoilers: nudity.
A/N: So, uh, just a little something I've been working on. Mucho thanks to mrasaki and luckycricket_1 for encouraging me.

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Weight loss blog..

so I know it's probably a little strange to just post a link to a new blog I've started about my weight loss/health journey, but it's all been said over there.


Feel free to comment/etc here if you wish.

Foot update! Finally..

So yesterday I finally had my appointment in Iowa City, I finally have some info on my foot. I have metatarsalgia, which, in layman's terms means that I have an injury on the joint of my one of my toes. What I've read, it's most common in the 2nd joint, next to the big toe, and the big toe, but of course I have to be different and have it on the joint of the base of my little toe. Right now the treatment is pretty easy and straight forward, to get better fitting tennis shoes. I need one with a wide toe box and possibly have an insole that rolls my foot slightly toward my big toe, to take the pressure off of the outer side of my foot. So today after husband gets off work we're going to a running store that sells the brand the doctor recommended (New Balance) and see if they can help me. I don't doubt this will be a costly pair of shoes, but worth it. He also said that losing weight would help, and I know that once I find a tennis shoe that doesn't make me want to limp in pain, working out should be somewhat easier. The doctor said this won't be a quick fix, and it'll probably be 3-4 months until I can walk without total pain. I did have some x rays done, to make sure it wasn't cracked/fractured, but I haven't heard anything from that. Either they'll send a letter, or call if it's important. Because I was new to the IowaCare program I was eligible for some routine blood tests, (cholesterol, anemia, etc) and got a flu shot and a whooping cough vaccine. After I got home yesterday I crashed on the bed for a while, and am sore but still tired today. Today is the my girl's 7th birthday, so after the shoe store we're going to grandma's for presents and ice cream, and then out for supper. Should be a great day!

ARGH! *headdesk*

I'm so mad at the free clinic. okay, here's what happened today. I go down there, say I need to ask if my records have been transferred, give a brief summary of what's up. Of course, the first two people have no idea of what's going on, so they tell me to sign in and see the nurse. Which, in my opinion is unnecessary, as I know they won't treat me there, I just really want a phone number or a way to get ahold of the U of Iowa, where my records are now SUPPOSED to be since I got approved for Iowacare. So the nurse talks to someone and gets me a number for the place I need. I go out to a doorway and call them, seeing if they had any information. They had no record of me, and said "they don't take outside referrals". I told U of I that the free clinic in Cedar Rapids wanted me to see a podatrist there in Iowa City and said I needed to get on IowaCare, and when I did, they would fax my records down to Iowa City. The woman from U of I said that since I was on Iowacare the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics was now my medical home, but that they hadn't gotten anything from the free clinic in Cedar Rapids. So the nurse at the U of I got me registered and in the system, and gave me a fax number for the free clinic to FINALLY fax my records down there, and then they would call when they had appointments available, whenever that would be. So I go back into the clinic, tell them I need to fax my records down to Iowa City. She asks me what part of my records, and I'm all "I don't know.." So she gives me a form to fill out and sign for that, and I just released all my records to them. Considering I believe the about 4 or 5 times I've been there, 3 of them were for my foot, so whatever. Here's what I don't get: Three weeks ago I took in my iowacare card to the free clinic so they could supposedly fax it down to Iowa City. She took the card and made some notes on my file. (I thought.) WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE ME SIGN THE RELEASE THEN? And by this time I'm kind of crabby, and the woman with the fax forms looks at me like I'm the idiot, instead of them not giving me the proper form 3 weeks ago! Also, the woman from U of I asked me what was wrong, I explained that I had a lump on my foot that felt like bone and was causing me tingling/pain, and that the clinic had recommended I see a podiatrst and then asked if I was on iowacare. She asked if they said it was broken or if they had x rayed it, I said no, they did nothing, as soon as they wanted me to see a specialist, I wasn't really their problem. She seemed to thing that was a bit odd, as I do as well. I have no pain meds, no braces, no restrictions (besides my own trying to stay off of it). Should I even be walking on it? Hell if I know. So anyway, HOPEFULLY those idiots at the free clinic will get that stuff faxed soon, and if I don't hear from the U of I in a week, I now have a number where I can call them and see what the heck is going on. I'm actually kind of glad that I'll be seen at the University of Iowa now instead of the free clinic. Just cause I can't pay I guess they don't really want to deal with my problems. So I did get progress today, but it'll still be a bit before I get more answers. But yeah. Sooo. Grumpy. And in pain. Luckily I'm off work tonight and with the impending snowmadggedon (5-7 inches, at last check) I've been to the store, gotten groceries and am going to hunker down with some alcohol and my warm blanket later.

ETA 2/22/13: (I didn't want to make a new post..) I now have an appointment at UIHC for 3/12. Yay! It's still a "new patient" appointment, but it's a start. And MAYBE I can finally get some damn answers. Or at least a referral from them to a foot doctor, or something. Seriously. 15 months of this nonsense and the run around I've gotten in the last month is insane.

foot rant!

So I believe I posted something way back when about a nagging pain in my foot. Here's an update.

About a year and a half (ish) I somehow hurt my left foot. I think I may have stepped on a lego, but I'm not really sure. I remember it hurting somewhat, but thought it was no big deal. In December 2011 I went to the free clinic because I noticed that about a centimeter from the base of my little toe there was a lump, and it felt like bone. It was also really bothering me at work, and making my toe tingle and mild pain. When I went to the free clinic they looked at it, and noticed a black spot which looks like a impact spot, but told me to ice it, rest it, and use advil on it. The only thing that would have made it complete was them patting me on the head like a small child.

Anyway, it didn't really get worse after that, in fact it seemed to get a little better. It really didn't hurt, but didn't bother me that much.

Cue January of this year. My new year's resolution was to work on losing the extra weight I have, so I started going on more walks. So NOW the foot pain comes back in full force. So I go to the free clinic again around the middle of January, tell them the foot pain hasn't gone away fully, it's back, etc. That's when I found out that it was December 2011, 13 months later, and the lump/pain is still there. So I wait to see the doctor. He comes it, looks at my foot and feels it, and says "that feels like bone." Me, thinking: "NO REALLY!" Anyway, he wants me to see a podiatrist. Fine. Since I don't have insurance, he asks if I have Iowacare, which is a limited healthcare program for adults, through DHS and the state/medicaid stuff. Me: "uh..no?" So he gives me the form for that, and sends me on my way. No meds, no restrictions, no advice, fine. So I fill out the form and mail it in. About a week later, I thankfully find out I'm approved for it for a year, and I don't have a pay any premium based on my income. So I take the IowaCare care down to the free clinic again, and they make a copy of it and fill out the fax form, etc so my records for it can be faxed to the University of Iowa hospitals and clinics. According to the info they gave me, it can take up to a month for them to contact me for an appointment/info/etc. I'm currently 3 weeks into the month wait, (and that's if they faxed it right away) and I'm getting more than a little impatient. Even in the last three weeks, the pain has gotten much worse. it pretty much tingles or straight up hurts all the time, with shoes or without. Socks, slippers, shoes, doesn't matter. Resting doesn't ease it. Ice sometimes helps, sometimes not. I thought I felt crunching in the bottom of my foot when I felt the area last week. I suppose I could go back to the clinic to see if they can help, but I don't know if they can, since they transferred my records to the UIHC. And they didn't seem too concerned about my pain and all that the last two times I was there. I know that in the grand scheme of things that can go wrong, ie cancer, chronic unhealable pain, disease, this pain is not that severe, but I'm getting really frustrated with waiting and frustrated with the mild constant pain. And I can't do anything about it. Husband is not really sympathic anyway, and he says that he lives with chronic pain from his old injuries every day, and that he deals with it, and so should I. Sorry, just because HE won't be proactive about his health and try to heal his body, doesn't mean I'm not going to do it. Husband also has the "whatever you have, I always have it worse" mentality, whether it's old injury pain or the common cold. So he's no help. And the kids don't always understand that mom's foot hurts and she's tired of getting up every five seconds and that I can't move as fast. It doesn't help that I'm not braced or wrapped or restricted in my movement. The only proof I have is a black spot on my foot and a lump that causes more pain than it looks. I've been waiting patiently for something in the mail or a phone call from the U of I, and I'm not every patient today. Because I hurt and I just want definitive answers. And I'm not getting any. Personally, I think I may have fractured my foot, and it didn't heal right, and may have possibly really reaggravated it in the last 3 weeks. Husband thinks I might have a bone spur, or I fractured my toe. I think my toe is fine.

So yeah. just really frustrated lately.

The life and times of a fangirl...

First I went to the mall to our usual video game store to reserve my copy of the Star Trek video game coming out in April. Cause while I'm not /much/ of a gamer. Star Trek video game? Hell yeah. So I chatted with the girl about the game and also about how GTA V is delayed, and the possible reasons. (I'm not into GTA, but the husband is..)

Then I decide to go to another video game store across the way, which I haven't been to in probably at least 3 years. I'm looking around and I find Sherlock season one on blu ray for $25. (which I think is a good deal for it, even used, as new on most sites it's $30.) So I go to ring it up, and the register dude goes and gets the discs, and as he's putting them in the case, goes, "Hey, that's Bilbo Baggins!" Me, "yes, and he was also in the UK version of the office and Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Him: "Was that Ricky Gervais in the Office UK?" me: "Yup. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the villian in the new Star Trek movie." Him: "Really? I loved the one they made a couple years ago. Spock was such an interesting character to me. He reminds me of Sheldon (Cooper, from The Big Bang Theory) in that he just doesn't get emotion and is all "What"? " Me: "Zachary Quinto was born to play Spock. I wasn't much into The Big Bang Theory but last year I started watching it and I watched the whole fourth season in two days."

By this time the transaction was over, and seriously, if there could have been a Doctor Who reference in there, that would pretty much be all my fandoms in one conversation.

Also, I may have overdid it yesterday on working on my new kitchen floor, scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees and then laying down self adhesive vinyl floor tiles. I am sore today. I also had one minor incident with my hand that involved using a butter knife to remove a bad tile. But yeah.

My life. So exciting.

Work, health, fandom, misc..

So, uh, hi? Is this thing still on? If you are still here, great. If you don't want to hear about my life, well, too bad. Delete or keep scrolling.

My new job is going great! I just found out yesterday that I'm getting promoted to key holder/shift lead, and eventually I'll be in charge on my own at nights, dealing with the money, supervising, etc. I'd mentioned something about it to my bosses a couple months ago, but they had enough supervisors right then, so I was fine with waiting. Then yesterday my boss called me in on my day off to see if I could switch and have today off, and he said then I was getting another quarter raise, soon a key to the store and a supervisor position. I asked him what made him choose now as a time for me to be promoted, when the same people as before were still there, and he said he thought it was the right time. Not to mention that one of the shift leads is a total drama lama, and causing so much fuss that they really want him to quit rather than fire him. I think they don't want to demote him really, but they might be giving me some of his responsibilities on nights. Which will be interesting, since he doesn't like me and sees me as a threat. Which I don't quite understand, but it's a long and complicated story, since he's a compulsive liar and doesn't want to take responsibility for his wrongdoings and blames everyone else. Like I said, it's interesting.

Health stuff: I posted over a year about a bony spot in my foot. Yeah, it's giving me trouble again. The free clinic at time pretty much just patted me on the head and said "rest it". Now a year later, the doctor feels it, says it feels like a bone and wants me to see a podatrist. BUT, and of course there's a BUT, I have to try to get on the state sort of medical care, called IowaCare, which is income based limited stuff. So I got an application for that, and if I get it, I have to go back to the clinic, and let them know I got it, and then we'll go from there. If I can't get IowaCare, there is some other thing the doctor mentioned, but I'm waiting to see what happens with the Iowacare first. My kids are on the state medicaid program, and it's good, but you know how anything dealing with the government state can be.. Slow, full of paperwork and hoops to jump through. But it's some progress. Still hurts though. Hopefully this won't take TOO long.

Fandom: I dusted off my login for the Star Trek Enterprise fan forum pages/stuff and signed up for the Valentines Day Song Fic Challenge. Now I just gotta listen to the song, be inspired, and catch up on Enterprise to refresh my memory. Ah, old fandom. I haven't forgotten you. <3

So, that's what's going on in my life in a nutshell. Exciting, I know. Totally.
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: John/Sherlock, established.
Rating: PG-13 (if that, seriously..)
Disclaimer: Don't own, please don't sue, I am but a poor mama.
Summary: Sherlock is bored, and John is having none of it. So John and Sherlock play strip checkers.
Notes: This little fic idea came to me at 4:30 am, and pretty much wrote itself. The initial idea was "John and Sherlock play Strip Poker." But I know little about poker, so I had to change the game to something I knew more about. Established Johnlock.

ETA: I've been informed that British checkers is named and looks different than that in the US. Oops. >.> Sorry 'bout that. Can we just chalk that up to a big mea culpa on my part. *ahem*

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Sherlock/John drabbles, 21-30

And, because today is "catch up on all my writing posting day", here's drabbles 21-30.

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Sherlock/John drabbles, 11-20

so uh, I've put these on AO3, but not here. And all that. So here they are.

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