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Foot update again..

Just a quick update. I had foot surgery on my left foot yesterday. It was either what's called a morton's neuroma (a benign growth on the bottom of my foot) or just so much permenent nerve pressure in the ball of my foot. I had predinose first, then cortisone shots. Then an mri which ruled out some stuff but it still could have been the neuroma. We tried a last round of cortisone shots, but none of it helped. So i had surgery on it. It went well and fast, and i recovered pretty fast from the iv sedation. It was an outpatient surgery and i could walk on it with a special shoe. Mostly i'm just supposed to walk to go to the bathroom. I have good pain meds and i'm really tired as i'm not sleeping well. But overall i'm doing well as can be expected. I have crosswords, books and my kids and husband to fetch things for me. I am sort of bored though, so if anyone wants to chat, hit me up. Til later loves.