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not like anyone reads this, but I'll bite..

after a month's worth of appointments at the podiatrist, hopefully some answers next week. First I was on Prednisone to try to take down some of the swelling in the ball of my foot. Nope. Then cortisone injections. Also nope. So yesterday I went in for an MRI on my foot because, as the doctor puts it, I have "a couple different things" going on in my foot and he can't pin point it yet. He thinks it could be a neuroma, a lump on a nerve in the ball of my foot or a torn ligament. And from what I've read, it looks like I've done most of the treatment that can be done short of surgery. But we'll see. He's the professional. I have an appointment in 5 days to discuss the results, unless he wants to talk to me before that. I just want answers and pain relief after 3.5 years of this nonsense. So I'm trying to stay off my foot (not easy around here) and relax. Also not easy around here.