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My kids' personalities..

My 10 year old son: Mom! The cat scratched me I'm bleeding I need a bandaid! (This is 2 seconds after the cat scratched him, it probably was his fault even though it never is, it was literally a pinhole.)

My 8 year old girl:

(We start with me, actually..) Me: wait, come here. Let me see your arm.

Her: What?

Me: What's this from? (It's a claw mark on her arm that's actually bruising.)

Her: From the cat.

Me: From the CAT? WHEN!

Her: Yesterday. (she's a girl of few words most of the time)

Me: Why didn't you tell me?

Her: I DID! (What probably happened was that she did yell "the cat scratched me" and I probably replied "were you bothering him", to which the answer is always no, and only about 20 percent of the time it is the cat's starting it. She said nothing at the time about him actually hurting her)

Me: Next time, if you're injured let me know so I can look at it and get a bandaid on it. (as I'm putting antibiotic and a bandaid on it 24 hours after the attack.)

Her: okay.

And of course, she's not a fan of me checking it and changing the bandaid.. she's always "why?".. She doesn't get that we have to protect it so it heals.

Ah, motherhood. Never a dull moment.


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Apr. 13th, 2014 04:37 am (UTC)
lol Your cat is certainly good at defending itself.
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