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Frustrated with my piece of crap phone. Today it wouldn't swipe to unlock and i had to take the battery off to fix it. And lately its been saying the sd card has been removed or is absent, when i haven't touched the damn sd card because getting it out is like trying to play operation.

My husband got a new phone in July and its the same one i want. He said that if i didn't get it for myself by my birthday (which is less than a month now) he'd buy it for me. But money is so tight now that isn't happening. I understand, but part of me isn't happy about that. If the phone can last that long, hopefully i can save $20 a week from my tip money for it, and then use any money i might get from family for my birthday and some from my check to make up the difference. It's not totally critical, but sometimes i just can't seem to get nice things and it irritates me. -_-

Okay, rant over. ~carry on~